Technical program

9h00 – 10h30Opening
Keynote1 : Irregular Text Detection and Recognition by Professor Xiang Bai (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
10h30 – 11h00Coffee Break
11h00 – 12h40Oral session 1 

Summarizing Lecture Videos by Key Handwritten Content Regions (Bhargava Urala Kota, Kenny Davila, Saleem Ahmed, Alexander Stone, Srirangaraj Setlur and Venu Govindaraju)

Document detection in videos captured by smartphones using a saliency-based method (Minh On Vu Ngoc, Jonathan Fabrizio and Thierry Geraud)

Performance Comparison of Scanner and Camera-Acquired Data for Bangla Offline Handwriting Recognition (Nishatul Majid and Elisa H. Barney Smith)

OctShuffleMLT: A Compact Octave Based Neural Network for End-to-End Multilingual Text Detection and Recognition (Antonio Lundgren, Dayvid Castro, Estanislau Lima and Byron Bezerra)

Text-based Image Style Transfer and Synthesis (Yifan Wu, Jian Li and Anna Zhu)
CBDAR 2019 Group photo
13h00 – 14h00Lunch Break
14h00 – 15h15Oral session 2

FaSTExt: Fast and Small Text Extractor ( Alexander Filonenko, Konstantin Gudkov, Aleksei Lebedev, Nikita Orlov and Ivan Zagaynov)

Character Keypoint-based Homography Estimation in Scanned Documents for Efficient Information Extraction ( Kushagra Mahajan, Monika Sharma and Lovekesh Vig)

A new iterative cut and adaptive coordinate transform method for fast page outline detection and dewarping (Fengjun Guo, Yadong Li and Pengwei Liu)

Document Image Retrieval Based on Visual Saliency Maps (Fahimeh Alaei, Alireza Alaei, Umapada Pal and Michael Blumenstein)

Face Detection in Camera Captured Images of Identity Documents under Challenging Conditions (Souhail Bakkali, Zuheng Ming, Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman and Jean-Christophe Burie)
15h30 – 16h00Coffee Break
16h00 – 17h00Keynote2 : to be confirmed
17h00 – 18h30Special session on RRC
18h30 – 19h00Best paper award